After securing small-business loan with assistance from Nevada State Development Corporation, B&B aims for year-round operation, expands wedding and catering services

As the new owners of All Aboard Cafe & Inn II, a bed-and-breakfast in the historic town of Ely in east-central Nevada, Rebecca Werber and Ralph Werber III have welcomed a wide variety of visitors since opening in April.

Located 67 miles from Great Basin National Park, Ely draws many travelers exploring the region’s world-class outdoors destinations as well as the Nevada Northern Railway and other historical attractions.

“A lot of our guests are here to ride the train, visit Great Basin, or they’re just going from one place to the other and we happen to be in the middle,” Rebecca Werber said. “When we first opened, we had four different couples from California who were on their way to Moab, Utah, to go biking, and they stayed with us as part of their trip. It’s very rewarding to serve such a diverse group of visitors.”

The Werbers, who had dreamed of operating a bed-and-breakfast ever since they stayed in one on their honeymoon, opened All Aboard Cafe & Inn in Ely with the help of a small-business loan coordinated by Nevada State Development Corporation, the state’s largest SBA 504 loan provider.

“The ongoing success of All Aboard Cafe & Inn II, and the even bigger plans that the Werbers have for the B&B’s future, reflects the vibrancy of Nevada’s economy in the state’s rural areas,” said Christopher Hunter, Nevada State Development Corporation Business Development Officer. “The Werbers put in untold amounts of hard work to achieve their dream and I am confident the property will prove to be a success.”

All Aboard Cafe & Inn II, the only bed-and-breakfast in Ely, is located in a historic building at 220 East 11th Street that was constructed in 1907 and fully restored in 1990.

Although the previous owners of the inn kept it open it only five months out of the year, the Werbers intend to operate year-round.

They have also expanded the property’s catering services and wedding hosting services, which Rebecca Werber feels will substantially increase profitability.

“We can serve food in the sunroom, and we’ve given the king room to a bride so she can get dressed with her wedding party and prepare before the wedding ceremony takes place in the yard,” Rebecca Werber said.

Natives of Maine, the Werbers have also expanded the menu of the on-site restaurant to feature East Coast favorites such as lobster rolls, crab cakes and other seafood dishes.

The total cost of the project was $328,782, including an SBA loan of $104,000 at a rate of 5.062 percent as well as $164,391 through Rural Nevada Development Corporation.

Room rates at All Aboard Cafe & Inn II start at $90 per night for double occupancy, including breakfast, cable and Wi-Fi. The bed-and-breakfast has five fully furnished bedrooms, each with its own bath and balcony. The business advertises through signs, word of mouth, print media, online and repeat customers.

For more information on All Aboard Cafe & Inn II, please visit For reservations or to inquire about room rates, please contact the Werbers at (775) 289-3959.