As our fiscal year and my career at NSDC come to a close, I would like to share some thoughts.  The 25 years I have worked at NSDC have been a joy.  The people I have worked with at NSDC are some of the most committed, mission-oriented people I have ever had the pleasure to know!  The people we have partnered with: the SBA, lenders, community leaders, professionals and especially our borrowers are the best of the best!

My belief in the economic development mission of NSDC is unwavering.  I have seen first hand the difference it has made in the lives of small business owners time and time again.  To witness the folks who had the courage to take the risk and start a business, work ridiculously long hours, and suffer through many sleepless nights finally achieve the dream of owning the building their business calls home is a feeling like no other!

As I look forward to retirement and the next chapter of my life, there are many people who richly deserve my gratitude.  To the many bankers and lenders who have been my colleagues and friends over the years, I am thankful for your support and friendship.  To the community leaders I have worked with and who are kindred spirits in our economic and community development mission, I appreciate your commitment and drive.  To the folks at the Nevada District Office of the SBA, past and present, I thank you for your support for me and for NSDC.  To our Board of Directors, past and present, who volunteer their time and expertise, I am grateful for your support and belief in me and my ability to lead this company.  Most of all to the staff at NSDC, past and present, you have been an inspiration to me every day!  Your belief in our mission and your tireless efforts on behalf of small business owners is second to none!

I wish nothing but success to the staff at NSDC and its new President, Evan Dickson!  Evan is extremely capable and I am confident that, with the excellent staff he has to work with, he will lead NSDC on to greater success every year!